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About us

Dentamedi Oral and Dental Health Clinic provides services in the field of dental health with the supervision of its expert and dynamic staff. Our clinic performs professional procedures such as: Hollywood smile, smile design, zirconium, e-max, laminate veneers, implants, orthodontics, gum treatment, and dental aesthetics.

Dentamedi always aims at the most ideal solutions for oral and dental problems by keeping the needs and demands of its patients in the foreground. We are extremely considerate of our patient rights, privacy, satisfaction and comfort.

Dentamedi Oral and Dental Clinic, within the framework of professional ethics, constructs its vision according to the trends in the fields of dental aesthetics and dental health. 

Dentamedi, welcoming its guests in a comforting and hygienic environment, follows the rules & protocols of professional ethics, medical examinations, treatments and aesthetic processes. All in accordance with the national and international guidelines and standards.

We provide services from specialist dentist staff, who performed dental works for many famous names. We benefit from all the opportunities offered by technology regarding  dental health and aesthetics. We keep our patients enlightened by granting them access to the necessary information about the procedures they chose.

Our clinic proceeds on its way with a noble mission of creating social awareness about oral and dental health. We develop our practices in accordance with the new trends of dental aesthetics. We aim for sustainability in oral and dental health, with a solid vision to become the most preferred oral and dental health clinic.