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Aesthetic Dental Treatments

Aesthetic dental operations continue to attract attention day by day. Your smile is valuable, and our team well restore that bright smile of yours back !

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Aesthetic Dental Treatments

Aesthetic dental operations continue to attract attention day by day.Your smile is valuable, and our team well restore that bright smile of yours back. Situations such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth and undesirable appearance disturb many people. Various treatment methods are applied because it directly affects the self-confidence of the individual. With the help of these treatment methods to be applied, a desired tooth structure can be obtained without any problems and stress.

Aesthetic dental treatments are exactly the methods that meet the above needs. Aesthetic dental treatment is carried out using the unique blessings brought by modern technology. It is quite normal to perform these operations in order to gain an ideal and aesthetic smile line. Likewise, many people today make a difference in their daily lives while performing these operations. All the operations performed on teeth are considered as dental aesthetic treatments. There are very important points in smile design. They are listed in the following table:

Tooth structure


Tooth size

Tooth shape

Tooth alignment

Tooth color

General tooth compatibility

The above details are one of the treatment issues of dental aesthetics. By the help of this treatment, the best is embraced and it is ensured that the mouth components are complete by a proportional evaluation. In this way, the problems will be eliminated. Both macro and micro analyzes are required in dental aesthetic treatments.

With the finalization of dental aesthetic applications, facial features and proportions are also taken into account. In this way, an optimized treatment method will be provided with custom data. Dental aesthetic treatments are carried out in a very detailed way. It is imperative that all possible consequences and all requested details be drawn. In this way, individuals will have the chance to visually tell the dentist exactly what they want. Otherwise, desired results may not be obtained in dental aesthetic treatments. Therefore, the areas to be treated and the problems are detected and action is taken accordingly.

Various examinations are performed in order to realize the details requested by the patient. Tooth, gum and bone levels are examined with radiographic methods, together with clinical examination. The medical procedures to be applied are reinterpreted. Likewise, in some cases, different treatment points may be created for the individual. Today, a custom treatment method is determined due to the structural disorders and differences of many patients.

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    What are Dental Aesthetics Applications?

    There are many applications under the roof of dental aesthetics treatments. These applications may basically change according to the demands of the patient and the requirements of the operation. Having a wide range of application methods is also seen as an important advantage. It is extremely important to determine which treatment method is appropriate during the examination and by making the right analyzes. Today, dental aesthetic applications are as follows:

    Teeth whitening, as the name suggests, is an operation that the teeth, which have lost its white color due to many reasons, regain their original color. In cases such as genetic predisposition, antibiotic use, smoking and alcohol use, the teeth lose their white color. In some cases, the formation of yellow stains has also been observed. These stains cannot be removed by brushing. In order to eliminate this situation and to carry out the necessary actions, whitening of the teeth is obtained with the Bleaching process. It is quite possible to be successful with this method. There are home and office type methods. Which one is needed and which one will bring the right results should be determined by a dentist’s examination.

    It is the correction of the appearance and aesthetics of the teeth by cutting the gum in cases where the gums are not in the same level, that is, not symmetrical, gum-originated short-looking teeth or gum overgrowth (gummy smile).

    Laminate treatment is a leaf-shaped coating treatment applied only to the anterior surface of the teeth. It is possible to close the diastemas (interdental space) between the teeth and lengthen the teeth with laminate. According to the type of material used, laminates are divided into two as porcelain laminate and composite laminate.

    As the name suggests, porcelain laminates are made of lithium disilicate-based porcelain materials, which we call glass ceramics. Composite laminates are made of composite based filling materials. It can be performed in a single session directly in the mouth or indirectly in two sessions by preparing it from the measure taken from the teeth and harmonizing it in the mouth. Our specialist dentists will evaluate and decide on the most appropriate treatment option for you.

    Zirconium dental treatment is one of the aesthetic methods that can be applied for teeth. It is the reduction of the radius of the teeth and bonding with zirconium-based porcelain in cases of tooth loss due to tooth extraction or missing teeth, in teeth discolorisation for various reasons and broken teeth. Zirconium veneers do not contain metal like the old generation metal-supported veneers, they are thinner, more texture-compatible and long lasting.

    Considering the treatment of strong crooked teeth, orthodontics is recommended for jaw-related problems. Wire is attached to the tooth structure. With this wire, it is aimed to eliminate the problem. Thanks to the new generation transparent plaque treatment, crowding in the teeth can be resolved. This method is shared for informational purposes only. There is no definitive diagnosis and treatment. Likewise, your dentist will determine the right method and the right technique.

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      Accessibility, continuity and patient-oriented approach are the basis of a successful treatment process.

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      Applications are planned at a professional level, with a scientific perspective.

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      With the blending of medicine, technology and art, our ideal is to restore your natural smile.

      In Which Situation Is Dental Aesthetics Performed?

      Teeth can directly affect your self-confidence, apart from being an important element in daily life. If you have had any problems in your mouth and teeth structure, you should consult a specialist dentist without wasting time. You can have dental aesthetic treatments with your dentist’s guidance. In general, you may need treatment when you experience the following conditions:

      If you feel the need to cover your mouth while smiling and you cover your mouth

      If you don’t like your mouth and teeth

      If you have a crooked tooth structure

      If you have fillings or fractures in your front teeth

      If you have disturbing gaps between your teeth

      If you think there is a problem with your teeth color and you do not like it

      In general, the above reasons do not prevent you from applying any dental aesthetic treatment. These details are the reasons for the treatment of individuals with the highest demand for dental treatment today. If you have one of the above details or if you want a difference in your tooth structure, you can consult your dentist. You can perform your procedures quickly after your dentist examines you and chooses the most ideal treatment for you.

      What are the Advantages of Dental Aesthetics Treatments?

      It is worth mentioning that the advantages of dental aesthetic treatment are quite extensive. First of all, the fact that these treatments are under the title of “aesthetics” does not mean that they are shaped only by the wishes of the patients. Aesthetics is a necessity that is needed at many points. In many points where the tooth structure is thought to be deficient, individuals experience various self-confidence problems. Self-confidence problems bring various psychological problems.

      In some cases, dental structural disorders also damage the physiological and oral structure of the individual. The advantage of dental aesthetic treatments is very important in order to prevent situations where medical interventions will be required and to eliminate possible problems. We can list the general advantages of dental aesthetic treatments as follows:

      Provide correct alignment of teeth

      Close the gaps between teeth

      Treats tooth fracture and structure

      Makes a difference in social life

      Makes teeth and mouth structure healthier

      First of all, it is important to remember that dental aesthetics is seen as a basic medical intervention in some cases. In other words, your wishes are not only important, but also a need. It is very important to interpret the methods of dental aesthetic treatments in this way.

      The Importance of Dentist in Dental Aesthetics Treatment

      You should know that dentist in dental aesthetics treatment is of great importance. That’s why you should try to find the right dentist when choosing and researching a dental aesthetic dentist. In this way, you can perform dental aesthetic treatment without any problems. It is important to remember that your communication with your dentist is also important after the operation.

      If your dentist choice is wrong, you may experience undesirable results. Therefore, when choosing your dentist, it may be useful to look at his references and see the comments of the patients in his previous operations. In this way, you will both get to know your dentist a little better and see his previous operations. In the meantime, you need to pay attention to the fact that he is a specialist in his field. It is quite possible to obtain a fast and clean result in the operation that experienced dentists will perform.

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        What Are Dental Aesthetics Treatment Prices?

        Dental aesthetic treatment prices are quite variable. As it is known, dental aesthetics are mainly performed in private clinics and private hospitals. Each of the procedures you will undergo in these hospitals is different. The reason for this may be related to the hospital brand and the quality of the dentist. Therefore, it is not possible to give clear information on dental aesthetic treatment prices.

        There are many different methods for dental aesthetic treatments in Turkey. As we mentioned above, various treatment methods are shaped according to the needs of the patient. Therefore, it is not possible to determine a single fee. Because there are different treatment methods and the requirements and needs of each treatment method are different. These requirements will also directly affect the price of dental aesthetic treatment.

        In order to have clear information on the cost of dental aesthetic treatment, you must first be examined by your dentist. After examining you, the dentist will present you with various treatment methods. You will also benefit from these options and explain your demands. In this way, a common treatment method will be determined. Afterwards, you can learn the exact cost of the operation. In addition, you should not forget that the price varies from dentist to dentist. For example, you can get different prices from the dentists of the same hospital for the “tooth whitening” operation. In addition, when you go to a different institution, a different price may be requested for this operation. It will be in your best interest to act according to these details.

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          Will the whitened teeth go back to their original state?

          It totally depends on the bone structure. In addition, in excessive consumption of foods and beverages that give color (cola, ketchup, tomato paste, etc.), they return to their original state much faster. However, it is always one shade lighter than the color shade before whitening.

          How long does the teeth whitening process take?

          The whitening process consists of two twenty-minute sessions. The total time is about one hour with tartar cleaning.

          How will the Care for Zirconium Veneers be?

          They do not require any extra care. It is sufficient to do the same brushing, floss use for veneers, and to pay attention to oral hygiene, as for natural teeth.

          Is Aesthetic Filling Durable?

          Depending on the location and size of the aesthetic filling on the tooth, it varies according to the factors related to the care of the patient, the colored food and beverages consumed. The period of use varies between 5 and 7 years.

          In Which Situations Can Porcelain Laminate Be Applied?

          Porcelain laminate can be applied to any patient who does not have excessive crowding and protrusion, whose color has not turned black due to root canal treatment or a previous injury, and who does not have a malocclusion.

          What are the Advantages of Porcelain Crown Application?

          The application of porcelain crowns, which provides maximum durability on teeth that have a slightly lower load-bearing capacity (especially in molars and posterior chewing teeth) compared to other teeth, ensures that these teeth can carry loads for a longer period of time.