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What is a Laminate Veneer ? 

This cosmetic dental procedure is used by many dentists around the world to replace yellowing and deforming teeth. The application of a laminate veneer is made by taking off a little from the front of the teeth, and then adding porcelain laminates on front. Although the veneer layer may look thin and fragile, they are integrated in a way that is solid and firm looking. Many people around the world opt for laminate veneers because it restores the years of youth to them. The teeth will be your companion and your beautiful smile will be shaped by it, a veneer will put your teeth back on track in all family and friend’s photos and videos !

Turkey (officially known as Türkiye) offers laminate veneers at very affordable costs. Many people who choose Turkey for their veneers smile all the way back home with a fresh look and a boosted more. Read more about laminate veneers below, and feel free to contact us and our specialists in case of any questions. Happy reading.

How does Laminate Veneers Implants Work?

You might need a few dental examinations to agree upon a certain style for your veneers.The specialist will recommend a procedure based on your teeth smile configuration, X Rays, and gum formation. After these pretests are done, the treatment starts following a steps like :-

  • Oral measurements are taken
  • A veneer model is chosen according to the oral measurements 
  • Mock up tests are made for the model
  • Using a special adhesive, the laminates are fixed on the teeth.
  • After a couple of sessions, the laminated teeth complete adhere to their coatings  

Laminate Veneer Advantages

The advantages of Laminate Veneer treatment can be listed as follows;

  • Whitening of discolored teeth. Deep discoloration of the teeth may occur. These discolorations occur depending on the consumption of colored beverages such as tea, wine and coffee. Colorations are treated with the leaf porcelain treatment method.
  • Restoring the stunning white smile of yours. Our smiles radiate positivity and happiness, and a laminate veneer makes sure it looks beautiful too.  
  • Laminate veneers will make your teeth look good for a long time. Its effects are almost permanent. 
  • Gaps between teeth are abridged. Having a gap between the teeth can cause significant discomfort to the patient. These cavities are treated with laminate veneers.
  • Balancing the teeth ratio is important for most aesthetic appearances. Uneven teeth are problematic for most facial looks, so a laminate veneer comes to the rescue.
  • Crooked teeth can negatively affect the patient’s image and self-confidence. Crooked teeth can be treated easily with Laminate Veneers.

Am I eligible for a Laminate veneer ? 

Eligibility for such a simple procedure can be relatively easy, and below we will list all the conditions needed before a person undergoes a laminate veneer procedure. The conditions are as follows: 

  • The jaw should be completely developed.
  • The discoloration should be evident enough for a procedure
  • Presence of crooked and/or damaged teeth  
  • Absence of bad dental habits like teeth grinding or clenching
  • Absence of hereditary teeth issues
  • Diastema (if extremely significant) may undermine a laminate veneer

People can also opt for this procedure more than once, if the earlier veneers they had did not garner the desirable results they wanted. 

Laminate veneer costs in Turkey

Laminate Veneers is among the most preferred dental operations worldwide, and it is a frequently sought procedure in Turkey. According to studies, this kind of implant has a success rate of 98% in Turkey. This rate shows that Turkey is among the most successful countries in Veneer  treatment. Furthermore, Turkey offers laminate at prices that are on average 50%-70% more affordable than the rate offered by its counterparts in Europe, USA, and South America. The cost of a laminate veneer differs greatly from one clinic to another, and from one hospital to another. The cost also differs whether the procedure is offered alone, or accompanied by services like: transportation, accommodation, tourism options, catering, extra follow-up sessions, etc. 

The veneers are singly priced per piece.Here are some of the average prices to be expected when having your veneers in Turkey: 

Composite veneers 100$ – 225$
Porcelain veneers 150$ – 250$
E-Max veneers 200$ – 300$

The prices fluctuate according to the quality of the facility chosen, experience of the operating specialist, and the cost of additional services that were postoperatively or preoperatively acquired. 

Smile all the way back home from Turkey !

We invite you to take a look at our dental services that we provide in our clinic in Turkey, and feel free to contact us at any time you like. We have a full board of professionals and surgeons who are ready to answer all your inquiries about your next dental procedure. We also offer an extensive FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section to answer your questions, if you didn’t find your answer, contact us and we will be back at your earliest convenience.