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Teeth whitening is a preferred method of dental treatment to change the color of the tooth to a lighter color than it is. Teeth whitening treatment is used by dentists as “Bleaching”. With this treatment, it is the treatment applied to make the tooth color appear whiter than it is. Teeth color may be darker than yellow, perhaps due to genetic factors or the person’s dietary habits. In other words, the difference in tooth colors may be based on genetic factors and may occur later. Tooth colors that are not considered aesthetically pleasing can gain an even more aesthetic appearance with a tooth whitening treatment. Even if dental and oral care is done every day, even if the person’s oral and dental care habits are regular, there may be yellowing or non-whitening tooth colors in the teeth. If there is no visible lightening/whitening in the color of the teeth after the teeth whitening process, this tooth color is considered a permanent tooth color just like the skin color of the person.

 Methods Applied to Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening treatment is applied in two different ways, these teeth whitening processes;

• Tooth whitening with laser

• Teeth whitening at home

• Tooth whitening applied by dentists in clinics

Teeth whitening treatment applied in dentistry clinics is a type of teeth whitening treatment applied with whitening gel and whitening light. After all the soft tissues of the tooth are protected by a barrier so that the light does not harm them, the whitening gel is applied to the tooth surfaces and the whitening gel is activated by light. This treatment process can be extended until the desired tooth color is achieved. This period can also be applied in two sessions, one week apart. Tooth whitening with laser is recommended by dentists as an advantageous teeth whitening method. Teeth whitening treatment can be applied in a short time. After the soft tissues in the mouth are protected, the teeth whitening process can be completed in about 4 to 5 minutes.

How Tooth Whitening Is Done and What Is Used

At-home teeth whitening method is applied with a low percentage of whitening agents called “carbamide peroxide”.

• At the first appointment with the dentist that the patient goes to, the color of the tooth is determined, and the mouth size of the patient is taken to produce the teeth whitening plates, and these plates are made suitable for the patient’s mouth and specially prepared for each patient.

• When the patient goes to the second appointment, whitening tubes and prepared plates are given to the patient. In this appointment session, the dentist tells the patient how to do this tooth whitening process and what to pay attention to. The patient can apply teeth whitening at home as recommended by the dentist. These applications can be continued for 1-2 weeks at home, by applying them twice a day for 2 weeks or only at night.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt

While all medical applications can have side effects on the body, some side effects can be seen in the teeth whitening process. There are some rules to be considered while doing the teeth whitening process. These rules can be described as the harm to the teeth whitening process. If you pay attention to the following points, you will prevent the side effects of teeth whitening. Rules to be considered;

• Unconscious teeth whitening can adversely affect the gums. Therefore, teeth whitening in the clinic is considered safer in terms of oral and dental health.

• Teeth whitening can also be done with products purchased from the pharmacy, with the advice of doctors. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of these products. Care should be taken that these products are not abrasive products on your tooth structure and tooth surfaces.

• Tooth color can be whitened with some chemical substances. However, since these procedures contain chemicals, the patient should not apply the teeth whitening process by himself without consulting the dentist.

The Most Applied Teeth Whitening Methods 

It differs according to the technique used and application areas. These methods are as follows: Home-type teeth whitening: For the home-type teeth whitening method known as home teeth whitening, personalized whitening plaques are prepared by taking measurements from the inside of the mouth. A certain amount of tooth whitening gel (10-15% carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) is applied to this prepared plate. It is a treatment applied in the form of using the plate for at least 4-6 hours during the day, for an average of 10-15 days, or 8-10 days during the night’s sleep. 

·       Office-type teeth whitening (Bleaching in the clinical setting): This method is also known as the “Laser teeth whitening method” and is applied by the physician in the clinic. The application time is shorter than other methods. The whitening gel applied to the teeth by the dentist is activated with the help of UV light or laser and the whitening process takes an average of one hour. 

·       Combined teeth whitening (Home + office whitening): In this method, teeth whitening is applied together at home and in the office environment. After it is applied in the clinic, the process is supported with home bleaching for 2-3 days. 

·       Single-tooth whitening (internal whitening): It is applied to teeth that change color after root canal treatment. The filling in the tooth is removed, the whitening gel is applied to the opened space, and then the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. The sessions are repeated at 3-day intervals until the desired color is achieved.

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