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A tooth abscess is medically defined as a build-up of pus in an area of ​​the body. In other words, inflammation, or pus, caused by the growth of bacteria in any part of the body causes some cells to be damaged or even to die. Since these dying cells and the damaged white blood cells that fight against bacteria are not removed from the body, they accumulate in a certain area and the accumulated area swells. If this swelling is located in the gum or tooth root, this swelling and accumulation of inflammation are called a “tooth abscess”. Early diagnosis and correct treatment of a dental abscess are important. If an abscess is not diagnosed early, it can cause tooth loss. Therefore, it is very important to see the dentist regularly.

What Are the Symptoms of Abscess?

Swelling due to inflammation, i.e. pus accumulation, in the root of the tooth or gingiva can be defined as a dental abscess. Abscesses can have more than one symptom. Symptoms of tooth abscess can be listed as follows;

Toothache that occurs constantly in the teeth,

Sensitivity in the teeth while eating, sensitivity can be seen in hot or cold foods,

Toothache while eating,

Swelling in the face and neck area caused by an abscess,

Fevers are among the symptoms of tooth abscess.

How Many Types of Abscess Are There? Which are these?

Tooth abscesses can occur in different parts of the mouth. However, dental abscesses are found in two different types. Types of dental abscesses;

Abscess accumulating at the root of the teeth; Tooth abscesses that occur in the roots of the teeth are usually due to regular oral care. It also occurs when regular caries treatment is not done.

Abscesses formed between teeth; Inadequate oral care, which is the cause of tooth abscess in the root of the tooth, causes tooth abscess formation between the teeth. If the foods accumulated between the teeth are not cleaned daily, that is, when the teeth are not brushed, floss is not used and mouthwash is not used, an abscess, or inflammation, can occur between the teeth.

How is a wisdom tooth abscess treated?

Abscess treatment is wisdom teeth can be performed with the following methods;

Use of antibiotics

Extraction of the 20-year-old tooth according to the situation

Abscess occurring in wisdom teeth is treated by surgical extraction of wisdom teeth. To treat the abscess in the wisdom teeth, the teeth are examined by the dentist, and then the teeth are x-rayed. X-rays are very important to determine the condition of the teeth and the location of the abscess. Afterward, the above treatment methods can be preferred.

How Are Abscesses Diagnosed?

The dentist can make the diagnosis for the treatment of an abscess by the following methods. Treatment methods for the diagnosis of dental abscess can be listed as follows;

First, x-rays are taken.

Afterward, the dentist diagnoses the condition of the abscessed tooth according to the x-ray result.

According to the x-ray result, the dentist will have information about the condition of the abscess or at what stage it is, and the treatment method is determined according to the abscess condition.

How should an abscess be treated?

The methods of dental treatment of tooth abscesses may differ according to the location of the teeth. Dental abscess treatment methods can be listed as follows;

Root canal treatment is preferred to treat inflammations/abscesses in the root of the tooth.

Endodontist specialists can professionally apply this treatment method. However, in some dental abscesses, root canal treatment alone is not enough and the desired result cannot be achieved. If the root canal treatment will not be sufficient, surgical procedures and surgical treatment methods are applied to the tooth abscess.

If root canal treatment and surgical treatment methods do not cure the tooth abscess, the tooth is extracted and dental implant treatment is preferred.

If an abscess, or inflammation, occurs between the teeth, the abscesses that occur between the teeth are cleaned hygienically and the inflammation is cleared.

Secondly, the area is hygienically cleaned for abscesses formed between the teeth, which we have given as an example. The root surfaces of the teeth are cleaned to prevent dental abscesses between the teeth.

What should be done to prevent a tooth abscess from recurring?

The following methods can be applied and preferred to prevent the recurrence of tooth abscesses.

Oral care should be done regularly and daily oral care should not be interrupted.

Oral care water, that is, mouth care mouthwashes can be used.

Dental floss can be used to clean the food residues between the teeth.

It is necessary to have a regular dental examination.

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