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Tooth enamel wear is mainly worn on the tooth surface. Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the tooth (it is the hardest part of the body) and is the strongest tooth surface. Tooth enamel erosion can be noticed by the symptoms of glare in the teeth, and sensitivity of the teeth to hot-cold, sour-sweet foods. It is also possible to see a recession in the gums. If the enamel is eroded, the teeth appear more yellow than they are, and when the enamel is eroded, the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed. Since there are no cells in the tooth enamel like other bones in the body, tooth enamel can’t form again. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the erosion of the tooth enamel. Tooth enamel wear is a condition of wear that usually occurs in tooth cavities, tooth surfaces, and incisors. Tooth enamel wear does not occur immediately, it takes a certain process for tooth enamel to wear off.

What Causes Tooth Enamel Wear?

Tooth enamel wear has a direct relationship with nutrition and teeth cleaning methods. The interesting point is that enamel erosion occurs more often in people who do regular oral care. The reason for this is the selection of wrong oral care methods. Tooth enamel erosion may occur due to the types of food consumed and the wrong oral care methods. Tooth enamel abrasions are as follows:

• Consuming acidic food and acidic beverages,

• Using a hard-bristled brush for teeth cleaning,

• Brushing the teeth too hard,

• Using toothpaste with abrasive effect,

• Using effective drugs that do not erode tooth enamel,

• Consuming excessively sweet foods,

• Consuming extremely hot and cold foods,

• Clenching teeth during sleep,

Conditions like this cause tooth enamel to erode. If we pay attention to the above reasons, we will also prevent tooth enamel wear.

How is the Treatment of Tooth Surface Abrasion?

Tooth enamel wear is important for oral health. If you have tooth sensitivity to food and temperature levels, it is important to relieve this sensitivity. There are some methods for this as well. These methods can repair tooth enamel wear. Methods;

• Fluoride gel or laser application,

• Using fluoride mouthwash if tooth enamel erosion is in the initial state,

• Using a medium-soft bristle toothbrush,

• Consuming foods rich in fluoride,

• If the wear is severe, white filler or laminate application,

are methods that can treat tooth enamel wear. However, first of all, a dentist should be consulted and the correct wear condition should be determined, and then the appropriate treatment method should be determined.

What Are the Symptoms of Tooth Enamel Wear? 

The natural structure of the teeth is very soft and sensitive. tooth enamel; It is the hard part of the tooth that covers the soft inner parts. Thanks to the enamel, the teeth are much healthier and more durable. For this, it is essential to treat the problems seen in tooth enamel. The biggest cause of tooth enamel wear is acidic and starchy foods. If the teeth are not brushed after such foods, residues accumulate between the teeth. This situation, which causes bacterial growth, causes wear on the tooth enamel and later tooth loss.

Among the signs of enamel wear, the most noticeable are changes in the tooth surface. teeth; begins to change color abnormally. The tooth surface is deprived of the protective hardness of the enamel and can break even when eating any food. The unhealthiness of the teeth can be understood even from the outside. As soon as we feel that the tooth enamel is worn, we must receive professional service for the treatment of such problems. However, it is also possible to overcome the problem of tooth enamel erosion at an effective level.

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