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There are Basically Two Reasons for Yellowing Teeth.

– Genetic Factors; Teeth may be yellow in color due to genetic factors.

– the color of the food consumed; The foods consumed have an effect on the color of the teeth. At the same time, drugs such as antibiotics used to treat a disease in the developmental stage of the teeth can cause yellowing of the teeth. Foods that affect tooth color can be listed as follows;

a) Tea

b) Coffee

c) Cigarette

d) Alcohol, especially red wine

If the yellowing on the teeth has not progressed to the inner layer of the tooth, the superficial teeth whitening process treats the yellowing of the teeth. If the yellowing of the teeth progresses towards the dentin layer of the tooth, the teeth can be made whiter with whitening procedures or different dental treatments.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a type of dental treatment used to change the color of the tooth to a lighter color than it is. “Bleaching” is the term for the teeth whitening method used by dentists. With this treatment method, it is applied to make the tooth color appear whiter. Teeth color may be yellow or darker than yellow due to genetic reasons or dietary habits. In other words, the change in tooth color may occur later, or it may occur genetically. Tooth colors that do not look aesthetically pleasing can be made even more aesthetically pleasing with teeth whitening. Even if you take care of your teeth and mouth every day, even if your oral care habits are regular, there may be periodic yellowing in teeth colors or teeth that do not whiten. If there is no lightening/whitening in the color of your teeth after the teeth whitening process, this tooth structure can be defined as a permanent tooth color like your skin color.

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What is Recommended for Whiter Teeth?

Teeth health and dental care are very important both in terms of aesthetics and tooth whiteness. Therefore, you should consider the following points in order to make the teeth look whiter and more aesthetic;

• You should floss every day, after brushing your teeth regularly.

• You should consume foods rich in calcium and potassium values.

• Consuming hard and crusty foods can damage tooth enamel. This can cause changes in the color of your teeth.

• Foods such as bananas and strawberries provide a natural tooth brushing effect. It also minimizes the number of bacteria in the mouth.

• You can prevent the discoloration of your teeth by consuming herbal teas.

• You should stay away from acidic drinks and foods, because these foods and drinks cause the tooth enamel to turn yellow.

• You should be examined by a dentist every 6 months.

What are the Teeth Whitening Methods?

The teeth whitening method can be performed as such, these teeth whitening processes;

• Home teeth whitening method

• Teeth whitening method in dentistry clinics

• Laser teeth whitening method

Teeth whitening, which is applied in dentistry clinics, is a treatment method with whitening gel and whitening light. All soft tissues of the tooth are protected by a barrier that hardens with the help of light, then the whitening gel is applied and the whitening gel is activated with the help of blue light. This process can be continued for several sessions until the desired tooth color is achieved. During this period, two sessions can be applied one week apart.

Tooth whitening with laser is considered an advantageous method of teeth whitening. This teeth whitening process can be performed in a short time. After the soft tissues in the mouth are protected, the teeth whitening process is completed in about 4-5 minutes.

How Much Does it Usually Cost to get Your Teeth Whitened?

There is not much difference in price between teeth whitening procedures performed in the clinic or at home, unless of course you apply this process with the methods we call the “natural method”. There may be differences in teeth whitening prices depending on the institutions where you have teeth whitening. In other words, teeth whitening application is different in private practice and different fees are determined in dental hospitals. Teeth whitening varies according to the methods to be applied, the type of material to be used and other problems in the mouth. Your doctor will inform you of the most accurate price.