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Dental Implant

Despite all the developments in oral and dental health, tooth decay can still be observed in the teeth of people today.

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Dental Implant

Despite all the developments in oral and dental health, tooth decay can still be observed in the teeth of people today. As a result, they may lose their teeth. Tooth loss is caused mostly by tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury. The development of technology in the field of implantology provides convenience for tooth loss and prosthesis to be made today.

Dental implants, are called as tooth roots in other words. Implants provide a strong foundation for permanent or temporary teeth that are made to replace your natural teeth. They are screws made of titanium and placed into the jawbone that act as a root for the missing tooth. It can also be described as a kind of artificial root of tooth. It is used to support dental prosthesis and to get a strong result. As a matter of fact, millions of people today have a unique comfort by virtue of the technology brought by dental implants.

Everybody wants to know whether dental implants are harmful to tissue. First of all, the dental implant is very friendly to the jaw tissue. It does not cause any harm, besides it also provides comfort in the mouth.

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    What Are The Advantages of Dental Implants?

    Dental Implant has many advantages. Thanks to the developing technology, application and waiting times have been shortened. It provides a unique comfort at every point. The fact that it does not cause any harm to human health is one of the best benefits. It is produced completely in harmony with the tissue of the human jaw. People prefer it with confidence because of this harmony,

    Dental implants restore the function of the lost tooth and enable more comfortable prosthesis in the mouth. In general, the advantages of dental implants can be listed as follows:

    Speech Fluency Restored

    After losing teeth, decay in the extracted area and shifts in the adjacent teeth may occur. Depending on the dental situation, our way of speaking may be distorted as well. Preventing this is quite simple with the Dental Implants. It is possible to prevent tissue, function and tooth loss with dental implants.

    Unique Appearance

    Dental implants allow your teeth to look like your natural teeth. Dental implants are designed to be completely permanent. There is minimal difference between dental implants and real teeth when it comes to appearance and feeling. This is why it is a method preferred by millions of people. Thanks to Dental Implant, it is very easy to reach the natural tooth feeling. This technology creates a natural tooth feeling for you.

     Easier Food Consumption

    You may have noticed that it is very difficult for you to eat with removable prosthesis. Food debris may always become trapped under the removable prosthesis. In addition, food debris create bad breath. Traditional dentures wear out frequently, so your chewing comfort will be minimal. Dental implants function in the mouth like your natural teeth. You can consume your favorite food as you wish without any fear. In addition, dental implants provide a stronger chewing ability than traditional denture structures. Therefore, they are very advantageous.

    Protecting Gums and Oral Health

    In addition to providing comfort from many points, dental implants are very beneficial for gum and oral health. With implants, the forms of the adjacent teeth do not need to be reduced or changed, as is the case with bridges. Your own teeth will remain healthy in your mouth for a long time due to the fact that the form of the adjacent teeth are not changed to support the implant. It will act as a kind of natural tooth skeleton. It will provide the opportunity to have new teeth without damaging the adjacent tooth. In this way, your oral and gum health will be protected.

      Regain Your Self-Confidence Back

    Dentures and prosthesis may directly affect the self-confidence of the individual. Because it is an area that requires constant care and various extra operations are performed. These situations may directly affect the self-confidence of the individual. Dental Implant is of importance in preventing this situation and to strengthen the self-confidence of the individual. Imagine not needing to close your mouth while smiling. It sounds pretty good. Dental Implants are designed to be completely permanent by nature. They provide a unique and fully equipped permanence. We can say that dental implants serve the needs and demands of individuals at every point. In addition, it provides ease of use instead of constantly inserted and removed prosthesis.

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      Is the Implant a Definitive Treatment?

      Dental implants have a very high success rate. Compared to traditional dentures and prosthesis, they are more advantageous in many respects. Likewise, millions of people today choose Implant treatment as it provides these advantages. It is useful to know that the region where the implant is inserted also affects the success rate and accuracy rate. However, in general, we can say that implant treatments and procedures have a success rate of 98%. Dental Implant creates a real tooth feeling for individuals and fulfills the necessity of being healthy and fully equipped. Moreover, you can use them for years due to its high permanence and precision. An important point of the success of the operations is related to the conditions and how the patient maintains the implants. For example, if the individual properly maintains and thoroughly cleans them, the implants will remain intact for a lifetime. Yes, you read it right, you can have these teeth for the rest of your life with the operations you will undergo at once.

      Is Dental Implant a Painful Procedure?

      Today, one of the questions that every individual who will receive Dental Implant treatment wonders is whether the treatment will be painful. During implant operations, local anesthesia is usually applied to the patient’s mouth.

       Of course, in case of different procedures, general anesthesia is applied. Therefore, the patient does not even feel a slightest pain or ache during the surgical procedure. In individuals who are given local anesthesia, there may be mild pain that can be decreased by prescribed medications. These pains are the usual pains felt during the treatment process. If you feel unbearable pain after the operation, you can quickly relieve toothache by using the painkillers recommended by your dentist.

      Individuals who have undergone implant treatment generally describe the pain as follows; “Like the pain after tooth extraction”. In general, it is known that this operation is painless or minimally painful. Therefore, there is no need to delay your treatment by fear of pain. In case of possible pain, the problem can be prevented quickly with painkillers to be used.

      What is Aftercare of Dental Implant Operation?

      The aftercare procedures to be performed after the dental implant operation are extremely simple. But it is useful to know that it is very important. First of all, it is important to pay attention to oral hygiene at the end of the treatment. It is necessary to brush the teeth regularly. In addition to these, it is necessary to use cleaning tools such as dental floss. Furthermore, using special inter-tooth brushes and mouthwashes recommended by your dentist will also be beneficial for implant cleaning. You can provide a general oral cleaning with these small but effective details you will apply.

      The most important of the aftercare procedures after the dental implant operation is to be subject to a dentist examination at regular intervals. Regular checks are required. Currently, the recommended dental checkups are twice a year, for the upcoming couple of years. 

      . Afterwards, it is recommended to visit for an annual check-up. However, this process may vary depending on your situation. Therefore, you should take the dates that your dentist shared with you as a basis. In addition, it is important to remember that it is very important for a normal person to check their oral health every 6 months and visit a dentist.

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        Dentist Choice in Dental Implant Treatment

        In dental implant treatment, you must first make sure that you have chosen the right dentist. As it is known, dental and oral health is one of the most important treatments. It is extremely important that this treatment is carried out correctly and that it provides an advantage at every point. Therefore, it is very important that the dentist who will perform your treatment is an expert in his/her field. When you are treated by a specialist dentist, your worries will be reduced to a minimum.

        When you don’t care about your dentist choice and are treated by a random clinic, you may encounter bad results. You may have to deal with medical problems in choosing a wrong dentist. Therefore, when choosing your dentist, you can take a look at his/her previous operations, read the related comments and carry out research. It will take a very short time to do these.

        How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?

        Dental implant prices are also worried by the people who will undergo the operation. First of all, dental implants are not performed in public hospitals. In addition, this operation is not covered by insurance. Therefore, individuals should have surgery in private clinics or private hospitals. It is useful to know that dental implant prices will not be clear. Today, every hospital, every dentist, every clinic provides services at different prices. Therefore, it is very difficult to give an exact price.

        The reason why every hospital, every dentist and every clinic performs the operation at different prices is due to the services provided. For example, the operation that will take place in a high-quality, complete and fully equipped hospital will be different from the operation that will take place in a middle-class private hospital. Comfort areas may vary depending on the amount of money you will pay for the service you will receive. Due to the difference in these services, different prices arise. In some hospitals, even the prices may vary according to the dentists. Details such as the experience of the dentist, his/her specialization in the field, the details of the procedure to be performed are some of the criteria that determine these prices.

        In general, it is not possible to estimate any price for dental implant operation. It may change constantly. In addition, your demands and requirements will also affect the price. In order to learn a net price and act accordingly, you should go to the hospital and undergo a dentist’s examination.

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          Is an implant needed for every lost tooth?

          Yes, a screw (implant) made of titanium and imitating the root of that tooth is placed in place of each previously extracted or newly extracted tooth. Depending on the patient’s intraoral condition, a crown bridge treatment may also be applied instead of the implant.

          Can an implant be applied to every patient?

          Implant treatment can be applied to individuals who have sufficient jawbones and have completed their growth and development. For patients with disturbances in their blood values, implant treatment can be performed with a consent form from medical dentists that their values are under control. In pregnancy, like many other treatments, this treatment cannot be applied.

          Could there be a situation where the body rejects the implants?

          It has been determined as a result of the researches that the implant made of titanium is tissue-friendly. Implants are not rejected by the body, that is, tissue rejection. However, if the patients do not comply with the warnings (not consuming cigarettes and alcohol, not spitting in the first 24 hours, etc.), the problem of non-union of the implants to the bone may occur.

          What is the advantage of the implant process compared to the dental bridge treatment?

          An implant is an imitation of a natural tooth root placed in the bone. Therefore, it minimizes the possibility of osteoporosis. In dental bridge treatment, these teeth may decay because the two teeth on both sides of the pit, which are used as bridge legs, are cut and covered by reducing the size of teeth. The bone under the body placed in the cavity may melt over time and the gum may recede. In the light of this information, the first recommended treatment is implant treatment because it is more advantageous in the long term.

          Can an implant be applied if all teeth are missing?

          Yes it can be applied. With hybrid prosthesis called all on four and all on six, four or six implants can be placed in a single jaw, a screwed full gear system can be made on it and a fixed prosthesis treatment can be applied.

          How long is the life of an implant?

          The implant stays in the mouth for life as long as there is no bone disease in later ages.

          Can implant application be made on the same day after tooth extraction?

          If there is no abscess or lesion in the tooth to be extracted, the tooth is extracted during the surgery and the implant is placed directly into the pit formed on the day of the implant placement.