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Orthodontics (Braces)

 Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that checks and repairs mal-positioned and crooked teeth. Teeth symmetry and alignments are restored with Orthodontic treatments such as: Braces and Invisalign. 

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Orthodontics (Braces)

To briefly introduce the field of orthodontics; it is the dentistry specialty that checks whether mal-positioned and crooked teeth are compatible with each other, prevents this situation and treats it.

Braces are located in the upper and lower jaws in the field of orthodontics, which are attached to correct the disorders in the jaw and create a beautiful smile. It is extremely important that the braces treatment is performed at the right time. Especially in childhood, this treatment will help to get healthy results. It is possible to apply this treatment for the individual after reaching a certain age. Effective results will be obtained with the application of braces treatment to patients in older age group, but it is not expected to produce as effective results as those in childhood. In case of a possible need for an operation in individuals in childhood, the person should be examined between the ages of 10 and 12. According to this examination, necessary operations should be started. If a defect in the jaw structure is noticed, it should not be postponed and examination and necessary procedures should be performed. Braces treatment, which starts at younger ages, takes a much shorter time and gives very good results.

Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

Orthodontic problems are one of the issues that many people are uncomfortable with today. Because of this, many people make researches the causes of orthodontic problems. In general, the causes of this disorder are; accidents, various problems caused by the habit of the individual, etc. In problems such as the lower jaw protrusions and recessions, the treatment is determined by considering the patient’s age and intraoral condition. If the patient is in childhood, various treatment methods are available. However, if the patient is an adult, treatment is performed together with operations that support the surgical field.

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    How Braces Aer Attached?

    One of the indispensable elements of fixed braces is undoubtedly the brackets. There are many brackets produced by various companies. We can say that these brackets are composed of porcelain, metal and composites. We can say that the most commonly used braces are wires made of metal. It can also be a reason for preference in terms of aesthetics in adults. Brackets consist of two different types as brackets that can be placed on the front of the teeth and attached to the back. There is an adjustment period after the braces are fitted. Although pain occurs during this adaptation period, it is not permanent and relieve over time.

    What Happens If Braces Are Damaged?

    As it is known, although braces are strong, they can be damaged in some cases. These situations can be caused by consuming hard foods, teeth grinding, falling to the ground, having an accident, sudden movement. First of all, one of the points that should be known and paid attention is that in case of damage to the braces, a dentist should be consulted no matter what. It is extremely important to examine the individual and take precautions accordingly. Otherwise, damage to the braces may further damage the treatment process.

    Is Braces Treatment Painful?

    People who will have braces treatment wonder if braces treatment is a painful procedure. First of all, braces treatment is not a painful operation. Individuals do not suffer any pain in the process of attaching the braces to the teeth. Braces are attached easily and painlessly. The processes that you may experience pain are the first 10 days after wearing the braces. During this period, you get used to the braces and you may feel some pain while consuming food and beverages.

    In some cases, you may feel pain due to the pressure applied to move your teeth. However, this is a short period of time, just like in the process of getting used to a pair of glasses. A few days after the braces are fitted, you can get used to the braces and continue your normal life.

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      How Long Does Braces Treatment Take?

      The duration of braces treatment is also wondered by many patients. First of all, braces treatment may vary according to the jaw structure of the individual, the health status of the teeth, age and demanded requirements. These criteria determine how long the braces should stay. The duration of braces treatment is different in each case. Despite the young age of the patient, it takes a minimum of 2 to 2 and a half year in case of skeletal disorder. In the absence of skeletal disorder, it varies between 10 and 24 months. In case of larger structural defects, the duration of treatment may be prolonged.

      Tooth movements in adult patients are much heavier than in children. In addition, other treatments other than braces may be required in adults with skeletal disorders. In general, braces treatments may take an average of 1 to 2 years.

      Do Braces Make Stains?

      One of the details that individuals who will have braces treatment wonder is whether there will be staining on the teeth caused by braces. On average, braces treatment takes several years. When it comes to removing the brackets, there may be stains under them. However, this can only happen in people who do not regularly perform oral care and cleaning. If oral care and cleaning are performed regularly, there will be no problems with the teeth, including the brackets.

      In individuals who pay attention to oral care throughout the treatment, tooth decay and sensitivity are not encountered. If adequate and careful oral care is performed, there will be no staining or decay on the teeth after braces treatment. After the treatment, staining and tooth decay are observed in individuals who do not pay much attention to oral care.

      Braces in Children

      In braces treatments it is very advantageous for the patient to be at a young age. As known; from childhood to the age of development, children’s bone structure is available to take shape. If the braces treatment is performed correctly, it is possible to complete the treatment in a short time. In order for the treatment to be much more efficient, it is important to start a regular check-up with the dentist in childhood.

      Braces are used for orthodontic treatment in some of the pediatric patients. The most useful ones are the wires that can be attached and removed. These can be used easily by children and have been produced for ease of use of children. It is also easy to clean. Fixing is simple and painless. As it is known, most of the children do not like to use braces. The appearance of braces makes children very uncomfortable. If pediatric patients are not satisfied with the appearance of the braces and constantly touch the braces, the treatment will be prolonged and undesirable results will be experienced.

      Thin wires can be used for children who do not like the appearance of braces. These wires will provide advantages at many points, as well as eliminate the dissatisfaction of the patient. In other words, these wires, also called invisible wires, consist of ceramic and white colors. Apart from these, there are also braces attached to the back of the teeth. The production purposes of these wires are based on satisfying patients with problematic teeth and aesthetic concerns.

      There are also braces with different colors to make children love braces and make them look beautiful. Braces with colored brackets and wires provide advantages from many points. These wires are produced to attract the attention of children and make them look attractive. Therefore, we can say that very successful results were obtained. For example, if the child is from Fenerbahçe, you can choose from yellow and dark blue colors. In this way, patient satisfaction is ensured. It should be noted that the most commonly used braces are those made of metal.

      Orthodontic Braces Dentist Choice

      Today, many patients want braces treatment to have a healthy jaw structure and a perfect and aesthetic smile. In order to achieve this, first of all, it is necessary to be examined by a correct dentist. The more your dentist has knowledge in this field and the more successful he/she is, the more benefit he/she will bring. Dentist’s choice is important, especially in pediatric patients. His/her relationship with young children and similar details provide advantages at many points.

      If your dentist’s choice is wrong, you may encounter undesirable results. Fixing braces is a fairly simple process. We can say that it is not medically compelling. The number of problems in aesthetic and simpler procedures is very low.

      Prices of Orthodontic Braces

      Orthodontic braces prices are constantly changing today. As is known, many dentists set their own prices. There is no orthodontic treatment in public hospitals. Orthodontic braces operations are carried out through private clinics and private hospitals. Each hospital and each dentist agree on different prices. Therefore, we can say that there is not a net orthodontic braces operation price.

      Today, prices may vary even in the same hospital. The choice of dentist in the hospital will directly affect you. It should be noted that the choice of the dentist, which is very important in determining the price, is also very effective in the success of the operation. As it is known, the treatment to be applied to you in orthodontic braces operation may also change the price. Since the procedures for each patient are different, the prices given to people are not similar to each other. In order to learn the price of orthodontic braces definitively and clearly, you need to undergo a dentist examination. Otherwise, all the pricing that has been said will not reflect the truth.

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        What kind of preparations should be made in the mouth before orthodontic treatment?

        All oral treatments (filling, dental canal, tartar cleaning) should be performed.

        What kind of care should be applied to the teeth during orthodontic treatment?

        First, all tooth surfaces should be brushed with an orthodontic toothbrush. With the help of the interface brush, the remaining residues are removed which cannot be reached by toothbrush. Dental floss or mouth shower are used. Oral cleaning should be completed with a fluorine-containing mouthwash.

        What precautions should be taken to prevent the brackets from falling during orthodontic treatment?

        Hard foods should not be eaten, no attempt should be made to open the lids on the teeth.

        What kind of damage occurs if bracket falls?

        Before braces are attached, they are attached after roughening the surface of the teeth with phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid does not harm the tooth once. However, if the patient breaks the braces as a result of misuse during the treatment, this process will be repeated, and this may slightly damage the tooth surface.

        Is orthodontic treatment a painful treatment?

        The teeth are displaced with a force, so it may cause pain from time to time.

        Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?

        Anyone from 7 to 70 may receive this treatment. However, the adolescence period, which is called ‘puberty’, between the ages of 9-14, is the most advantageous period to start orthodontic treatment.

        Do the brackets require any special care?

        Yes. They should be cleaned with an interface brush. When this cleaning is performed, the formation of plaque and tartar in these areas is prevented.

        What is the frequency of control for orthodontic treatments?

        It should be between 4-6 weeks More frequent visits do not shorten the treatment, on the contrary, it prolongs it

        What happens if we do not use the removable appliance given after orthodontic treatment?

        The teeth do not return to their original state, but crooked teeth occur again. Treatment has to be restarted.

        How can aesthetic concerns related to treatment be eliminated?

        In today’s technology, aesthetic orthodontic treatments can be performed. Treatment with wires attached to the back surfaces of the teeth, which we call lingual orthodontics, and clear plaque treatment are among these aesthetic treatment methods.